How to Find a Lawyer

If you’re concerned about the legal logistics of selling your own home, hiring a real estate lawyer may give you peace of mind. In most states, a lawyer isn’t required to finalize the sale of your home, but some sellers prefer having an expert to help navigate the complexities.

Fees vary, but a real estate lawyer generally charges between $350 and $500 and can help with everything from evaluating offers to acting as an escrow agent during closing. An attorney can be a valuable resource when it comes to completing paperwork, negotiating, and offering advice along the way.

If you decide to work with a lawyer while selling your home, look for a real estate specialist. Ask friends or coworkers for recommendations, or contact a local real estate agent or the American Bar Association for a referral. You can also use websites like Linked In to find a personal connection to an attorney in your area.

When you meet with a real estate lawyer for the first time, be sure to discuss your expectations and the fees associated with each service you require. Some lawyers charge an hourly rate, while others will perform a specified set of tasks for a flat fee. Many also offer reduced fees to review paperwork if you complete it in advance, so discuss this option if you’re on a restricted budget.

Selling your own home can be overwhelming, and hiring a lawyer can help take some of the intimidation out of the process. If you’ll rest easier knowing the “i’s” are dotted and the “t’s” are crossed, don’t be afraid to hire a lawyer and get the professional assistance you need.